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What Our Customers Are Saying About CipherShare

 "As an information security consulting company with a diverse and global client base, data integrity and confidentiality is our highest priority. Our business model historically has employed a 'virtual' environment; as such, CipherShare is the ideal collaboration tool to support our business practices."

Dave Beasant, Business Development Manager, 2Keys Corporation

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Features Benefits
End-to-end Encryption 'Always On' Security

CipherShare provides transparent encryption of all data at rest and in transit. Files, messages and chat sessions are encrypted centrally, locally and during transmission.
Object-Level Permissioning Need-to-know Access

CipherShare provides highly granular sharing of files, messages and chat sessions. Users see only the information that has been explicitly shared with them. Without access privileges, users have no access to, or even knowledge of, sensitive information.
Challenge / Response Authentication Strong Authentication

CipherShare utilizes a variety of strong authentication techniques to ensure users are who they claim to be.
Digital Signatures Authenticity and Non-repudiation

CipherShare applies digital signatures to key data objects, including documents, files, messages, chat sessions and share lists. Digital signatures ensure that data objects are authentic, and that actions performed by users are non-reputable.
Transitive Trust Model Convenient, Rapid Authentication

CipherShare uses a transitive model to develop trusted relationships and enable rapid and secure authentication. A single Security Officer can verify the authenticity of each member of a workgroup, and forward authentication status to all other members.
No 'Super User' Prevention of Insider Breaches

CipherShare separates administrative functions from content, preventing 'rogue' administrators from accessing sensitive information.

Document Management
Delta Versioning Non-Repudiable Version History

CipherShare offers ?delta versioning? of all file formats. Each delta is digitally signed. CipherShare maintains an auditable version history of any file or document enabling non-repudiation at the version/modification level.
Check-in/Check-out Editorial Control

CipherShare offers check-in/check-out and document locking to ensure that editorial conflicts do not occur, and that version histories can be fully tracked and audited.
Auto-notification Real-time Interaction

CipherShare broadcasts encrypted notifications of document changes to authorized members of a share list. Workgroup members benefit from real-time interaction.
Search Rapid Access to Documents

CipherShare provides comprehensive search and filtering functions.
Spell-checking Immediate Spelling Correction

CipherShare provides integrated spell-checking for all messages and chat sessions.
n-Tier Folder Structure Customizable Content Structure

CipherShare offers a fully-customizable n-tier file structure, allowing workgroups to organize content in ways that support their knowledge management practices.

Selective Chat Participation Privacy

CipherShare enables private, encrypted chat sessions between members of a workgroup. System resource constraints notwithstanding, the number of simultaneous chat sessions is unlimited.

Encrypted and Digitally-signed Messages Confidentiality, Authenticity and Non-repudiation for all messages.

Bandwidth Optimization
Streaming Encryption File Transfer Optimization

CipherShare utilizes efficient streaming encryption and ?smart? upload / download managers to offer full ?resumability? of interrupted file transfers. This is particularly useful for large file transfers, such as movie clips, audio files or CAD/CAM documents.
Delta Versioning Minimal Data Transfer

CipherShare uses delta versioning to minimize data transfer and optimize bandwidth utilization.
File Compression Minimal Storage Impact

All data stored and transferred through CipherShare is compressed prior to encryption, for more efficient utilization of data storage and network resources. Compression ratios of up to 15:1 can be achieved, depending on file format.

Client Mobility
Roaming Secure Workspace Convenient Connectivity for a Mobile Workforce

Roaming with CipherShare requires only a TCP/IP connection to the CipherShare server.
Theft Prevention and Loss Recovery Local Data Protection

CipherShare's encrypted local cache ensures the confidentiality of data in the event of laptop theft. CipherShare users can easily recover lost data simply by re-installing the CipherShare client and connecting to the CipherShare server.

Intuitive Collaborative Features High User Adoption with Minimal Support Calls

CipherShare uses intuitive, generally-accepted editing and document management features, including ?check-in/check-out,? document locking, auto-versioning and auto-notification.
Well-structured Interface Minimal Learning Curve

CipherShare functions are easy to learn.

Client / Server Architecture
Secure Local Repository Offline Access

CipherShare?s client / server framework provides encrypted local caching of synchronized content, enabling secure offline access and editing.
TCP/IP Support Accessibility

CipherShare can be used with any standard Internet or dial-up connection.

Installation and Configuration
Broad Platform Support Extensibility

The CipherShare Client supports a broad range of Windows platforms, including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. CipherShare?s end-to-end security extends to older computers.
Simple Installation with Small Footprint Rapid Deployment

CipherShare?s administrative functions are straightforward ? specialized technical expertise is not required.

With its small footprint, CipherShare has a very modest impact on client systems. Additional RAM or hard drive capacity is typically not required.
Auto-upgrade Detection Ease of Deployment

CipherShare's auto upgrade detection enables rapid distribution of new client upgrades without the need for intervention by MIS staff.



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  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Object Level Access Permission
  • Challenge/Response Authentication
  • Digital Signatures
  • No 'Super User'
  • Split Key Recovery
  • Key Signing and Verification
  Document/File Management
  • Auto-Versioning and Audit
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Auto-Notification
  • Full Content Search
  • Roaming Secure Workspace
  • Integrated Secure Messaging
  • Integrated Secure Chat
  • Auto-Notification
  • Full Content Search
  Bandwidth Optimization
  • Streaming Encryption
  • Delta Versioning
  • Data Compression